What Type of Home is Best for You?

Single-Family Detached Home

A single-family detached home is one residency unit that stands alone. One of the benefits of this type of home is increased privacy. 

Single-Family Semi-Detached Home

A single-family semi-detached home is 2 homes connected with one side of another home. One benefit of this type of home is that it is often less expensive than a single-family detached home and tends to have lower maintenance costs. 



A duplex contains two homes where one home is located on top of the other. Sometimes people purchase duplexes so that they can live on one level and rent the other. 



Townhouses are single-family homes that are connected together by their walls. Townhouses can be freehold or condominium style. Freehold means that the person owns both the land and the home together and is able to freely make adjustments to the home as long as they follow by-laws and agreements. Learn more about condominium style townhouses below. 


In a condominium style building you own your unit, but share common spaces of the buildings such as: corridors, the grounds, swimming and recreation areas.


An apartment is a unit which contains room(s), bathroom(s) and a kitchen in one self-contained area.