Top 10 Moving Hacks

1. Colour Coordinate Boxes to Floor Plan

Photo Credit: Twinkle Toes & Princess Bows

This will make it easier for you to unpack as you will know what room each box is designated to. 

2. Styrofoam Plates

Photo Credit: Frugal Girls

Place styrofoam plates in between each breakable plate to ensure safe travel.

3. Utilize Pots

Photo Credit: I Heart Naptime

Store baking products and spices in large pots for easy transport. 

4. Use Clothes

Photo Credit: via BuzzFeed

Wrap breakables in clothes, instead of bubble wrap, to save money. 

5. Take a Photo

Photo Credit: Popular Mechanics via Buzz Feed

Take a picture of how your electronics are hooked up to make it easier to reassemble in the new house.

6. Keep Clothes on Hangers

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Keep clothes on hangers and wrap in garbage bags for the move. A great timesaver! 

7. Use Shrink Wrap

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Use shrink wrap to keep things in their cubbies, drawers or on shelves. 

8. Use Resealable Bags

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Use resealable bags to place loose hardware, screws and nails inside. Then tape the bag onto the item or place it inside the box that is associated with.

9. Place Heavy Items in Suitcases

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Place books and other heavy items into a suitcase or bag with wheels to make it easier to move. 

10. Use Oven Gloves

Photo Credit: Listotic

Use oven gloves to safely transport knives and other sharp objects.