Fall Home Maintenance List

Fall Leaves in Hand

"Autumn paints in colours that summer has never seen." 
                                                                                 ~ Unknown
With fall comes the importance of preparing your home for the upcoming winter. In between your pumpkin spice lattes, make sure you complete these important home maintenance tasks: 
​1. Rake up leaves, foliage and debris
2. Aerate, fertilize and reseed the lawn
3. Service your snowblower
4. Inspect roof and repair any loose or missing shingles
5. Have your HVAC unit serviced 


6. Empty dirt from flowerpots and garden containers
7. Inspect the perimeter of your home for cracks and holes
8. Caulk and replace weather stripping around your windows
9. Clean gutters and inspect downspouts
10. Drain gas from law mower and weedeater

Collie dog in leaves

11. Roll up and store hoses
12. Change air filters to improve the efficiency of your heating system
13. Winterize your sprinkler system
14. Cover and store outdoor furniture and grills
15. Insulate exposed water pipes