4 Key Areas to Make a Good First Impression

As buyers tour prospective homes, there are certain aspects of the properties that stand out as key in swaying their decision to buy or not to buy. Below are the four key areas of your home where you really need to impress. 

1. Your Entryway

The entryway is the first thing that prospective buyers see when they enter your home. Since this is their initial impression of your property it is important that you ensure that the entryway is brightly lit, feels welcoming and is clutter free. 

2. Your Kitchen

Kitchens are critical, perhaps because they are where families spend so much time, preparing and eating meals, enjoying time together and entertaining guests. The kinds of kitchens that most appeal to buyers are those that are clean, spacious and chic in their finishes and appliances. 

3. Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms are personal spaces where we groom, prepare ourselves for the day ahead as well as relax and rejuvenate. Most buyers can't picture themselves doing these things in bathrooms that look dirty and worn. It is for this reason that it is important that your bathrooms sparkle and are up-to-date. 

4.Your Closets

Most people have so much stuff that they don't know what or do with it or where to put it. Everyone wants storage space, so show your closets off to prospective buyers. Make sure that they are clutter free and showcase the space.

Home Showing Checklist